EITHOS mentioned as an AI-driven research project overcoming real-life challenges by The European Research Executive Agency (REA)

💡 The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a machine’s capacity to exhibit human-like skills, including reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity. AI continuously learns from examples, analyzes data, processes information, and responds to accomplish specific objectives. As an integral component of its Digital strategy, the EU is implementing regulations for hashtag#AI to enhance conditions for the development and utilization of this technology. The AI Act we publish about yesterday will govern the use of artificial intelligence in the EU.

🐱‍💻 EITHOS EU Project is shifting the paradigm in its domain – security: it is developing a novel Identity Theft Observatory System, empowering European citizens, Law Enforcements Agencies (LEAs), and policy makers to further contribute to the prevention, detection, and investigation of online identity theft (OIDT) related crime. Through targeted awareness campaigns and innovative engagement activities, EITHOS aims to raise public awareness about Online Identity Theft and associated risks and societal impact.

🛠 More specifically, the AI-based tools developed by EITHOS EU Project are: – Audio deepfake detection (voice synthesis, voice conversion, text-to-speech, clip replay). – Image/video deepfake detection (face-swapping, facial re-enactment, lip-syncing, synthetic faces). – Fake account botnet detection. – Semi-automatic structured knowledge extraction (Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Knowledge Graph Generation).

📚 Read the full article from The European Research Executive Agency (REA) and dig into the AI topic with many other projects to discover at https://rea.ec.europa.eu/research-and-artificial-intelligence_en.

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