Why do we need an identity theft observatory system in Europe today?

EITHOS has been created in response to the boom of Online Identity Theft (OIDT). The observatory willl contribute to the prevention, detection, and mitigation of OIDT-related crime and act as a common platform for OIDT information and intelligence in Europe.

EITHOS empowers European citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and policy makers in the fight and prevention against Online Identity Theft related crime. Through taregeted awareness campaigns and innovative engagement activities, EITHOS aims to raise public awareness about Online Identity Theft and associated risks and societal impact. The website acts as a hub centralising key information and various materials on OIDT and related trends.

Who benefits from EITHOS?

European Citizens

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EITHOS informs and educates through the observatory itself and via innovative awareness campaigns, regarding the safety of their personal data and identity.

Law enforcement authorities

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EITHOS identifies and addresses  the challenges that Police Authorities face against OIDT and develop a robust software toolset for detecting fake media to support them and enhance their investigations.

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“We need to do more to raise awareness about threats and about ways to stay safe online, but we cannot stop at prevention alone. We need to close the growing gap between capabilities of criminals and those of law enforcement authorities