The Observatory

EITHOS aims to create an innovative Identity Theft Observatory System, empowering European citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and policymakers to actively prevent, detect, and investigate identity theft crimes.

The system serves as a central hub for identity theft information in Europe, utilizing modern technology. It focuses on two main pillars: 

(1) Informing and educating European citizens through the observatory and awareness campaigns on personal data and identity safety

(2) addressing challenges faced by Police Authorities against identity theft by developing a robust software toolset to support and enhance investigations.

EITHOS provides easy access to information on identity theft trends, methods used by fraudsters, personal data protection, and victim support through its front end, while its cutting-edge AI-based technological toolkit in the back end enhances investigative capabilities.

The project also analyses the societal impact of identity theft and explores the legal framework for utilizing AI remote technologies and e-evidence exchange. By prioritizing civil society education and overcoming obstacles faced by LEAs, EITHOS stands out from previous projects and market solutions that often focus solely on digital identity management and secure transactions.