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222 cyber incidents affected ministries in 2021, “an increase of 73% compared to 2020”, noted senators Olivier Cadic (UC, French citizens living outside France) and Mickaël Vallet (SER, Charente-Maritime) in a report dated 17 November 2022.
While most of these incidents may have been minor, “22 attacks required the expertise and commitment of ANSSI – Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information“. In particular, the agency had to carry out four cyber defence operations at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and one at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery.

📑 Abstract of the report 📑

Cybersecurity threats are growing at an exponential rate exponential rate (173,000 requests for assistance in 2021 on the gouv.fr website and 1082 incident reports processed by the ANSSI – Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information without the increase in human resources (+61 FTEs) and budgetary (+61 FTEs) and budgetary resources (+9 M€) of the SGDSN do not seem to be able to slow down the pace.

Very serious attacks have disrupted public services, local authorities and health establishments. The report provides elements on the damage suffered, both financial and human, which can. The report provides information on the damage suffered, both financial and human, which can go as far as national security.

The report looks back at the first year of operation of
VIGINUM and welcomes the creation of the Campus Cyber which offers the opportunity to create a public-private cybersecurity ecosystem. In addition, the report emphasises the need for vigilance regarding the security of the economic and social fabric in the regions, as well as the absolute necessity of upgrading the security and the resilience of the healthcare system in the French overseas territories.

Finally, it proposes to integrate into the cyber defence strategy an offensive offensive component in the spirit of the new strategic function of influence of influence provided for in the national strategic review.

Here below you will find the full report of the Senators, in French.

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