OIDT: Modern & evolving & threats

📅 Last week was the International Day for Universal Access to Information (United NationsUNESCO): join us next week to learn about Online Identity Theft (OIDT), for what will be an overview of EITHOS Observatory and its covered topics.

🚀 We just launched our awareness campaigns for the next two years, with many activities to come, including webinars. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a step in informing yourself of the growing threat that is OIDT.

— Speaker 1: Björn Seeth (Swedish Police Authority) – OIDT: Modern & evolving & threats —

📑 The development of digital identities creates new opportunities for the fraudster to take control of your identity. Deficiencies in understanding the new economic landscape in combination with digital development make you vulnerable. 

👮‍♂️ Björn Seeth (Swedish Police Authority) has been working as a police officer for 32 years in Stockholm. Since 16 years back focused on fraud. He’s now working as an expert at the National Fraud Centre, with a process-leading role for more efficient investigation possibilities as well as a main task of implementing crime prevention measures.

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