The EC adopts the proposal on the EU Cyber Solidarity Act

Yesterday, the Commission agreed on the adoption of the Cyber Solidarity Act proposal. The Act aims to strengthen the orchestrated response of European countries towards cybersecurity threats. The implementation of the proposal, currently undergoing the legislative process for adoption, is expected to provide a safer digital space for all citizens and the protection of business and essential public services.

The enhanced coordination mechanism in the fight against cyber threats and attacks will take the form of a “European Cyber Shield”, a pan-European structure which will include national and transnational cross-border Security Operations Centres. An additional layer of protection will also be provided by the establishment of a Cyber Emergency Mechanism which will focus on enhancing preparedness and increase the efficiency in incident response in the EU.

In order to strengthen professional competences, the EC has also launched a Cybersecurity Skills Academy as part of the 2023 European Year of Skills. The initiative will promote knowledge and reduce talent gaps to build a frontline of highly-skilled professionals in Europe.

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