“Unmask the Scam”: how HomeEquity Bank is using Keanu Reeves deepfakes to educate people about protecting themselves from scams.

Keanu Reeve Picture 1

Source: https://strategyonline.ca/

The internet era has created a fertile environment for scammers to proliferate and with the advancement of technology, these subjects have brought the art of fraud to the next level. An example is how the appearance and gestures of Keanu Reeves, a celebrity actor, have been reproduced through AI to lure victims into scammers’ spiderwebs. Unfortunately, the majority of the people falling into the trap are known to be elderly.

Canadian HomeEquity Bank, whose clients tend to be mainly retirees, took the responsibility to employ scammers’ weapons to spread awareness and educate people about the risks ad mitigation measures to protect themselves from fraud. This is how the ‘’Unmask the Scam’’ came to be. The series of videos employ deepfakes of Keanu Reeves to make viewers understand how generally scams take place and what to do to avoid becoming a victim.

The videos showcase different scenarios including the romance scam, the tech support, and the real estate scam. The videos in full can be found HERE  


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